Terms & Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

By using the TandemPartner System (TAPAS hereafter), you agree to the following terms & conditions:

  1. You and your tandem partners try to meet on a regular basis (usually once a week for a session of 2 hours).
  2. You will speak both languages during your meetings, and try to not use them simultaneously or switch back and forth. Instead, try to divide your meetings into blocks where you use one language first and the other afterwards.
  3. You divide your time evenly between the two languages so that you and your partner can profit equally from learning by tandem.
  4. TAPAS is about learning languages in an informal, relaxed environment. You agree to use it for that purpose only. Misuse of the platform, especially, but not limited to, using it as a dating service will result in the deletion of your account.

Privacy Policy

TAPAS stores your personal information only for the purposes of matching tandem partners. It adheres to the privacy policy of the Philipps-University of Marburg. Only members of the TAPAS team have access to your data at any given time.

None of your personal information will be passed on to third parties. When a suitable tandem partner has been found, we will inform both you and your prospective partner. In doing so, each one of you will be given the following information about the other:

  1. first and last name, as stated in the user profile,
  2. gender, as stated in the user profile,
  3. hobbies and interests, if any are selected in the user profile,
  4. your skill level as stated in the tandem request,
  5. the introductory message attached to the tandem request.

The e-mail address of prospective partners will be made available to each other only after the tandem proposition has been accepted by both users.